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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Get out of "StatusQuoVille!"

The other day I ran into an old friend, the owner of a successful business, who I haven't seen in about five years. We both had a little time so we went for a cup of coffee and talked. After reminiscing a little and catching up on family and old friends I asked, "So, what are you doing now?" He replied with a sigh, "Pretty much the same old thing, running the business, but it's tough. Lots of hungry competition, can't get good help… you know." And I realized that, in the time since I had last seen him, he has been stuck in a place I call "StatusQuoVille" where nothing changes, nothing moves forward and, in fact, things start sliding backwards.

His hungry competitors, on the other hand, are beating their brains out creating ways to grow their businesses. They are working hard to add value to their products and services, hiring better, training better, motivating their staff, creating new ways to overcome old problems while my old friend is mired in yesterday's solutions to yesterday's problems.

I think he, like many business owners, get their businesses to a comfortable place and decide that, since it's pretty nice in StatusQuoVille that they want to stay there so they work just hard enough to maintain the status quo. The "fire in their belly" that feeds innovation, the striving to succeed and satisfy, and is the precurser to expanding vision gives way to an attitude of maintaining a comfortable existence. But the competitive business world we live in won't let companies stay in StatusQuoVille for very long because those hungry competitors are energetically taking away market share to feed their growth and prosperity.

So here's my advice to those who own businesses in StatusQuoVille. Get out of town! Either sell the business to someone with that "fire in the belly" or get hungry and get moving. Rekindle the enthusiasm, the energy, the drive that got you where you are and see where it can take you because you'll find you can't stay in StatusQuoVille for long.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why You Should Always Ask

I had an e-mail from Karon of Wollongong, Australia who finally plucked up the courage to ask her employer for some outside professional development training to be attended in working hours. Here is what she had to say.

Encouraged by your newsletter I thought I would check if my company was willing to pay for training in company time so that I could advance my career within the company.

I enjoy my job and I know they value my expertise, but they had never thought of staff development and although surprised by my request, and my sales pitch as to how it can benefit them, they said yes. That was the beginning of a nightmare. I knew I wanted to do Project Management, but had no idea how to look for an accredited course, if possible.

I tried the Universities and TAFE colleges. None offered courses specifically dealing with Project Management, so I turned to the Internet. It soon became apparent that you needed to belong to an Industry Association or Professional Organization to find relevant training in business hours.

One Industry Training company was prepared to take me if they could not fill places with members. It was also costly - $6,000 just for a two day course! There was a possibility of a Project Management course starting the following month, but I wouldn't expect my company to pay for what I thought was an outrageous cost.

I turned to a friend, Margo, because I couldn't take up any more time looking around. She got back to me and said. " I have Googled and Yahooed, and I could only come up with Distance Learning." This sounded ok because I could take time off work to complete my assignments, which was an alternative option. She said she wanted to know what I thought about it before she went any further. "Sounds ok, but how do you know if the company is credible" I asked? " I don't know, I will have to find out," she stated officiously.

I didn't hear from her for about 2 weeks and I was really busy during this period. Ironically I was in the middle of managing a project that was outside my division and area of expertise, and I felt very much out of my depth, but still coping.

The Project Manager, who had implemented and started the project, was very qualified and experienced. I was told, with a grin, that he had caught the mumps. My boss thought I could step in and handle it because of my interest in Project Management, and it was a good career opportunity for me.

I was beginning to think the whole idea was a disaster. I couldn't even find a course on Project Management and here I was being thrown into the deep end.

Then Margot got back to me and said that only one Distance Learning Programmes had the course I wanted but they were only offered once a year and it the next one was booked out. Now that distance learning held no further options, my friend tenaciously pursued the task she was given and eventually found a course. She rang back and said she had found one appropriate course and asked me if I wanted a holiday. She just said wait for the brochure, it is in the mail.

The brochure showed the 5 day course was being held on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I thought the price was reasonable, compared to what I had seen locally, and it was off season so the accommodation and meals package was quite reasonable, but still $5,000 I sighed, and put it back in my in box.

My manager, who rarely ventures into my work area, passed by and saw it. "Oh you have found a course have you?" he asked. "Yeah right, I could do with the holiday" I said. I nearly fell on the floor when he said, "let me take it away and I will make some enquiries."

He came back in the afternoon and had spoken to people within the industry and he was told the training was excellent and coincidently was highly credible within our own industry. "You can't miss this," he said. "book yourself in." My mind was racing – kids - husband - meals, and who would drive the kids to school etc. I rang my husband and he said "great, don't worry darling, we will work it out."

The biggest hurdle in this professional development idea is finding an appropriate course at the right price. Margot said she came up with some interesting courses from Distance Learning packages. They are worth having a look at.

The moral of this story is, if you want to something, always ask.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Work at Home Jobs for Registered Nurses

There is a very high demand for Registered Nurses in today's world, and it can be an excellent choice for a career if you possess the necessary skills. Knowledge, the ability to carry serious responsibility and precision are some of the qualities needed for work at home jobs for registered nurses.

The explosion in Registered Nurse jobs has occurred due to the technological advances in medicine as well as insurance companies wishing to avoid hospitalization of their patients.

Opportunities for registered nurse's jobs are very high and in fact growing faster than many other professions. Registered nurse jobs, especially in home health care, are growing exponentially. More and more of the baby boomer generation are aging, and a lot of them are retiring from work. Along with advances in technology, large numbers of people are living longer than any other time in history. So, as age depletes their strength and their ability to take care of themselves, the demand for home health care is constantly rising for this generation of elderly citizens. More and more registered nurses are required to travel to the patient's home and provide the necessary care to the patients.

Registered nurses working in the patient's home are expected to carry out a variety of tasks. The services that are required from them are determined by the specific needs of the clients. As skilled care is required, it has to be coordinated with the attending doctors. The registered nurse has to provide constant care to the patients in their home: diagnostic testing, giving emotional support, medical advice, educating and advising on illnesses and their management to both patients and their families. Sometimes registered nurses are even responsible for providing grief counseling to the families of critically ill patients.

Patience and dedication are important qualities in a registered nurse's job. The registered nurse helps patients through illness, promotes good health and prevents diseases. You must also have good writing skills and pay good attention to details. These qualities will be required in handling psychology cases, when you will have to document the patient's behavior in detail, note down how the patient is responding to medication, and be able to follow the doctor's instructions meticulously, to ensure that the patient is receiving the correct treatment and care.

To become a Registered Nurse, you have to acquire a Bachelor's or Associates degree from a college or appropriate institution, and have passed the nursing boards. In order to obtain the degree for registered nurse, you will have to take classes in anatomy, chemistry, physiology, nutrition, and psychology. Most of the clinical schools will also ask for clinical experience.

Your education and experience will be the important considerations when you apply for registered nurse jobs. If the registered nurse job is in administration, a bachelor's degree may be required. If the job is in a complex area like intensive care or surgery, the organization may want considerable clinical experience. Some registered nurse jobs like certified nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse anesthetist might even require a master's degree.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Petroleum Spill Remedial Action Report - 6 Key Points

The Petroleum Spill Remedial Action Report is filed with the appropriate government agency following clean up of the spill site.

The following example illustrates the six components of such a report.


In this example, subsurface petroleum contamination was found beneath a parking lot. Research determined that a storage tank system existed as part of a vehicle service station, some 25 years prior. Geoprobing revealed stained soil with petroleum odors. Based on this, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) was notified and a spill case number was assigned.Investigation Spill site excavation specialists with oversight by Great Lakes Environmental and Safety Consultants (GLESC) were employed. Geoprobing recovered soil samples to a depth of 16 feet. The soil samples were then examined, processed and transported for laboratory analysis in accordance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols. The NYSDEC was notified of the laboratory results showing elevated levels of petroleum compounds in the soil. At this point remedial activities to remove the contaminated soil began.Remedial Action With oversight by Environmental and Safety Consultants, excavation and removal of the contaminated soil began. Hazards were minimized during the removal and transport of the petroleum contaminated material. At this site, petroleum contamination was detectable to 15 feet in depth, with non-contaminated groundwater encountered at 16 feet. Following removal of the material contaminated by the petroleum spill, confirmatory samples were collected from the walls and bottom and sent for laboratory analysis. With NYSDEC approval, the site was backfilled with clean soil and gravel.Sampling Activities and Analytical Results Reference citations, specific testing results and summaries were attached to the Remedial Action ReportWaste Generation and Disposal The specific documentation of procedures, weights, methods and locations were included and attached.Conclusion Petroleum impacted soil was successfully removed. This Petroleum Spill Remedial Action Report was submitted to the NYSDEC with the request that the case on the specified spill site be closed.Additional details of this report can be viewed by clicking on Petroleum Spill Remedial Action Report

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Leadership Development

Leadership, what is it and what is the difference between being a manager and being a leader?. Definitions of leadership, there is not a single definition that everyone agrees on. Manfred Kets de Vries, a professor at INSEAD, says that leadership is a "set of characteristics, behaviour patterns, personality attributes" that makes certain individuals more effective in achieving a set goal or objective.

Another way of describing leadership is to say that, to get the best out of people, individuals, teams, organisations, they need to be led, guided, persuaded, motivated, inspired, to be committed, to do their best, to work together to achieve a common objective. This, rather than the pure "management" approach of being told, directed, ordered, and treated as subordinates.

True leaders are recognised as being the leader, and their followers accept that they need to be guided by that leader, but they do not feel that they are mere subordinates. A good example is the captain of a sports team - hockey, baseball, netball, cricket, soccer, football, athletics - these are individuals who have an individual role to play, yet find time and ways to motivate and encourage others to do their best, to use their own individual skills, knowledge and experience (scoring goals, defending, winning races, hitting home runs) whilst at the same time working together as a member of the team to achieve team objectives.

There are other ways of defining leadership, managers perform transactions, and leaders bring about transformations.

The transactional manager influences others by appealing to self-interest, primarily through the exchange of rewards and services. The relationship between this type of manager and the follower is seen as a series of rational exchanges that enable each to reach their own goals. Transactional managers supply all the ideas and use rewards as their primary source of power. Followers comply with the leader when it's in their own interest - the relationship continues as long as the reward is desirable to the follower, and both the manager and the follower see the exchange as a way of achieving their own ends.

The transformational leader inspires followers to not only perform as expected, but to exceed expectations - transformational leaders motivate followers to work for goals that go beyond immediate self-interest, where what is right and good becomes important - these leaders transform the needs, values, preferences and aspirations of followers. They do this so that the interests of the wider group replaces the self-interest of individuals within that group.

It's interesting that research has shown that the way women leaders describe how they behave, lead, is in line with the transformational style, whereas most male leaders when describing themselves use words and phrases that describe the transactional style. There are exceptions of course, and in some situations the leader can by viewed differently by different groups. Many people in the UK would not describe Margaret Thatcher as transformational in style, but more likely they would use words such as dictatorial, domineering, riding roughshod over opponents, yet others, in her close team for example, describe her as charismatic, motivational, inspirational, kind, supportive.

We can see from this look at Leadership that there are different ways of describing what a leader does, and how, at least in some ways, this is different to how a manager behaves. Individuals recognised as leaders makes it obvious that there are great differences in the way in which certain leaders behave. On the surface there are great differences between the leadership style of Prime Minister Thatcher, and that of the Indian industrialist Rajiv Bajaj. Yet both are widely acknowledged as highly successful leaders. The common factor, it seems, is that all are able to persuade others to follow them, in order to achieve success in their particular field. They all have something that brings diverse people together, to work as a team, to aim for and work hard to achieve a common objective. It is, perhaps, a special talent, or characteristic, or personality trait, or set of circumstances that they find themselves in, or perhaps a combination of all of these. Perhaps leaders are born with this ability, perhaps it is something that can be, or has to be, learned.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Bringing Business and Morality Together

Being successful in business in usually based on the general
idea that desire for making profits and self-interest are
good and moral, however there still should be right ways and
wrong ways to go about making a profit. Morals still should
come into play no matter what, just because you are running
a business it doesn't give you the right to lie, cheat and
do what you consider to be morally wrong order to make a
living. This isn't what the successful businessman is all
about, although there are and have been many business men
that have got to the top solely by making the mis-telling of
truth an art form and where morals seem to have gone totally
out of the window for the sake of success?

In today's business world it can be hard to remain true to
your morals when there are advertising campaigns to figure
out. After all if you have a product or service to sell
shouldn't it be good enough to sell by telling the truth and
not having to fabricate claims of what it can and cannot do.
However, in today's world it can be just as hard to find a
businessman with morals as it can be to find a politician
with them.

However, there are businessmen who will show a willingness to
add ethical principles to the decision making structure of
their business. When starting out in business it is important
not to lose sight of your values and morals, some people value
honesty and values above all else and will stick with them
full stop no matter what while other have high ethics only to
a certain degree then they fall by the wayside.

Some people regard ethics and morals as being the same thing,
however they are not they are different and the difference is
that a persons ethics determine what they see as right or wrong
while morals are judgements, standards and rules of good conduct
which guide people towards specific actions.

Morals vs. Ethics

Knowing the difference between the two can help business managers
as ethics programs are part of life in business and managers can
hold sessions to discuss their values, ethics and morals for the
company. A business code of ethics should be in place in every
business and this will protect individuals and address moral
issues and value of the business during decision-making processes.

However having a corporate code of ethics program in place isn't
just an instruction manual put there to solve problems within the
company. The whole idea behind the program is it will enable those
who work there to have the valuable tool of saying "That is against
our company's policy" or "It would violate the company's code of

This is a strategy that will enforce the company and bring values
closer, it also makes it a much better working environment and can
increase the commitment of those working in the company simply due
to the fact that many people still do take pride and have a strong
sense of moral.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Teaching Abroad: How To Improve Your Odds Of Landing A Job

While opportunities for teaching abroad abound, there are far more of them for individuals who have been certified through specific teaching programs. Most of the opportunities are available for those qualified to teach linguistics, communications, and cultural skills.

Native English speakers who would like to start teaching abroad can increase their chances of finding jobs by completing the TEFL—Teaching English as a Foreign Language program; many countries are desperate for native English speaking teachers.

Another program, TESL, or Teaching English as a Second Language, will enable you to find employment in countries where English is the primary language, but there is a significant non-English speaking immigrant population. With both types of training, your opportunities for teaching abroad will span the globe. You will have an advantage over those without certification, because your willingness to get formal training will be an indication of your motivation when you apply for positions teaching abroad.

The Competition Is Stiff

Because there are many more applicants for positions teaching abroad than there are positions--some estimates are as high as twenty candidates for each position at the better schools--overseas applicants need to have at the least a Bachelor's Degree and teaching credential, with a minimum of two years' experience. Childless couples have a better chance of getting jobs than those with children; couples with children take precedence over singles without children. and single people with children have almost no likelihood of being hired.

The competition for jobs teaching abroad at the best schools means that you will need an excellent resume, and be prepared to be active in extra-curricular activities. If you have already traveled internationally or, even better, lived abroad for a while, and are bi-lingual, your chances of getting a job will improve even more. You'll need to impress on your prospective employer your love of children.

Becoming An Ambassador

And, if you are an American interested in teaching abroad, teaching English as a second language will give you the chance to appreciate the cultures of the country in which you are teaching. But it will also expose your students to the American culture, and in that sense you will be acting as an ambassador for the US.

Depending where you are teaching abroad, you may be able to travel to nearby nations and broaden your experience even further. You will not only give your students confidence in their English-speaking abilities; you will grow in your own confidence as an international traveler.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Discover The Top 3 Reasons Why People Hate Their Jobs

There are literally hundreds of reasons why people hate their jobs.

How many can you think of?

Today I interviewed a typical drone in the working collective and asked him a simple question.

"Bill, why do you hate your job?"

He sighed deeply, his shoulders slouched, and with a quivering bottom lip he began to describe his typical day.

"The alarm goes off late, or probably doesn't go off at all. It's still dark outside, and I don't want to wake up my wife, so I scramble around and try to find my clothes. After dressing hurriedly, I grab my keys and head out the door. I work in the city, and get the train, so I rush to the station. I'm going to be late…again. I reach the station, and the platform is packed, as usual. A dreary voice on the PA system announces that the trains are canceled, due to leaves on the line, the wrong type of snow, a drivers' strike or any other reason that they can think of. Everyone begins piling out of the station to catch one of the few bus services that are laid on to take us to our destinations.

When I eventually get into the office building, the security guy asks me for my pass. I have been working there for what seems forever, and he still doesn't recognize me. I can't find my pass. He then has to call someone in my department to vouch for me, again. When I finally make it to my desk, the message light on my phone is blinking, there's a pile of email in my inbox, and a load of paperwork on my desk. I need a coffee to get me going; I didn't have chance to grab one at home. I go to the coffee machine, but don't have the right change. The 'no change given' light is lit, so I am either going to have to take two drinks at once, or leave the next person a free drink, again. I make my selection, and then wait for the cup to drop. It doesn't, but the drink still pours, straight into the waste tray beneath.

So, coffee-less, I go back to my desk and begin to tackle the never-ending pile of paperwork. Later, I need to make some copies, and head over to the photocopier. It isn't working, again. It is out of toner, and the last person to use it ignored the fact. I grab a new cartridge and begin to take out the old one. Toner goes everywhere and I am covered in black powder, again. It takes ages to clean up the mess, again.

Just as I am managing to get started on my pile of work, I am called in to the department head's office to meet my new supervisor. I take one look at the guy, and he is younger than my kids. I have worked here for years, and he graduated from some college or other, yesterday probably, and just walks into a job above me.

Finally, the day ends, but not before my computer loses all of my most important files, again. I give up on yet another day, and head home. As I am waiting for the bus service that is still replacing the trains, I see the office intern drive past, and her car is better than mine. To add insult to injury, I finally get home to my wife and young son. As I open the door, he screams, and tells my wife that there is a strange man breaking in. Well, he hardly sees me because I am always late home from work. That was one of the better days. Now why do you think I hate my job?!"

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Junior Auditor Jobs – A Crash Course in Auditing

By understanding the process that that an auditor goes through and why audits are carried out it is much easier to get the perfect job.

Why Audit?

Money Wastage – Believe it or not the vast majority of companies are wasting money needlessly, either because of problems they were unaware of or unsure how to deal with. The detailed process which an auditor goes through is able to uncover these problems and usually recommend solutions which will help reduce this wastage. This is one of the most appealing outcomes of an audit for a company.

Inaccurate or Incomplete Information – Businesses rely on their internal information, it guides decisions made by the company on a daily basis. Similarly information produced about the financial status of the company for external parties is hugely important with legal implications for inaccuracy. Auditors are able to assess this information to determine any irregularities, intentional or not.

Misuse of Assets – it's possible that companies may be misusing their assets either by not making full use of them or other inefficiencies. Auditors may be able to highlight to companies an over-capacity in their manufacturing or illustrate the cost of unused office space.

Embezzlement and theft – the amount of money that companies lose annually from theft and embezzlement is huge and would surprise a large many. Auditors are specifically trained to spot the signs of this kind of crime and can draw attention to these problems before they get out of hand.

The Audit Process – the processes used by audit firms can be very complicated, however there are 5 steps which any auditor must go through.

Identify Objectives – what is it the company wants to achieve; these goals can also be taken to a macro level, department by department, team by team. By isolating what the company is hoping to achieve the auditor is able to benchmark their aims and understand the processes required to achieve them.

Risk that could affect Objectives – the auditors in consultation with the companies must outline risks which would prevent them from being able to achieve their strategies. These can be simple unpredictable factors like a product which relies on the weather to more complicated factors such as the outcome of an ongoing inquiry that might introduce legislation that would affect the company.

Controls to Manage Risk – once the risk has been identified the auditor is able to help introduce controls that can help negate the risk, whether it is widening the product portfolio or taking appropriate insurance. The financial auditors are able to help bring in these controls to reduce the risk.

Are Controls Cost Effective? – it's also the responsibility of the auditors to make recommendations as to whether the suggested controls are cost effective. While the risk might be quite small, would the financial damage justify the expense to manage them?

Review of Introduced Controls – the process is completed by reviewing the controls to see whether they are successfully managing the risk and whether new risk which wasn't present in the past would now be needed.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Work at Home Jobs - Making the Decision to Work at Home

Making the decision to work at home is sometimes more difficult than it needs to be. Work from home jobs number in the thousands, making the decision to work at home overwhelming. The simplest way to overcome this is to make the decision to work at home. Period.

Instead of sitting at home doing all the research and spending countless hours online looking for the perfect work at home job, Just make the decision. "I'm going to start a work at home business", or "I'm so excited now that I've decided to work at home".

Searching through work at home directories or scouring work at home job listings isn't the way to begin. Ultimately know this, if working at home appeals to you, then at some point in the future you deserve to have a work at home job or opportunity. At least to eliminate it as an option, worse case scenario, you start a work at home job and find out you can't stand working from home.

Maybe you've always associated being at home with relaxation. Maybe your home is your little safe haven. Either way you will experience better clarity knowing that you tried to work from home and it is now no longer an option.

The point I'm making here is, don't look for a work at home job that will convince you to get started working from home. Sit down and make a list. " I want to work at home because".... When you have a logical list of reasons why you want to work at home these can become your motivator to getting started.

As you make the list of why you want to work at home, this same list will become the evaluating criteria for the work at home job you select. Know how many hours you want to work, know how much money you want to make, will your work at home job require you to purchase items you don't currently have in your home office?

You know once you know why you want to do something the how to do it reveals itself. Making the transition to a work at home job, or finding a business you can work at home is no different. Know the changes you want in your life and just maybe choosing to work at home will be an answer for you.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Home Business Opportunities - Which One's for Me?

A considerable number of people are looking for home business opportunities to make extra money or earn a living. There are many possible ways to make money on the Internet from your home computer. You don't need to invest in new office equipment, fancy offices or other expensive items to get started.

Set Your Own Schedule

One of the biggest advantages in work at home jobs is the ability to set your own schedule. You can schedule your work hours around other activities or needs that you have. With home business opportunities, you can work as little or much as you want. If you need a full-time income you can spend more time working than if you are working part time.

When you are looking for a home based business opportunity, you should think about what you would like to do. Your business will likely be more successful if it is something you enjoy. If you are thinking of quitting a job you don't like to work at home, don't jump into something that does not suit you. Think of things that interest you and look for a prospect in those areas.

Home Based Business Opportunities that Suit You

Find a home business opportunity that fits your lifestyle and personality. You can make good money by selling products for others on your own time. Find a company that allows you to enter at an affordable level and then allows you to work your way up.

If you have a unique product to sell, use network marketing to promote it. You can set up your own website or have another company do it for you. Make your product available on the Internet and use online advertising to generate sales. Look for new places to promote your site and keep building your business.

If you do not think you would enjoy or be good at selling, find a job that offers your services in another way. There are many online sites to help you find a way to use your services. You can do telephone polls, complete surveys, assemble products, clerical work, and working on eBay.

Find a Business Opportunity Online

There are online sites that will help you get started in several kinds of home business opportunities. They can set up your website and get you started. There is no pressure to work long hours. You can devote as much time as you want to working. The potential is there for you to make as much money as you want.

Most services and home business opportunities do not require prior experience. That is what makes it such a great opportunity to anyone who wishes to make money on the Internet. If you would like to be your own boss and build financial security, look for a home business opportunity that will help you reach your goal.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Home Based Business for Moms

It is a great idea to be able to stay at home with your kids. If you are tired of putting your kids in day care, which means that you are spending money to send them someplace, just to work very hard at your job without any real pay or benefits, you might be ready to try to find a home based business for moms. There are many things that you can do as a home based business for moms and they are all going to allow you to spend more time at home, with your children.

Reasons Why

There are many reasons why you might want to try a home based business for moms instead of going to work. First of all, you can spend more time at home, which is going to allow you to be with your children and to see them grow up. Imagine if you could stay with them whenever they were home sick from school, and think how nice it would be if the babysitter wasn't the one to hear your child's first words. Being able to be there for your children and being able to keep them at home with you is one of the biggest reasons to find a home based business for moms.

Another reason is simple freedom. You are going to be able to actually be at home, and you are going to be able to have the freedom to work the schedule that you would like to work. This means that you can take the time off that you need to take off, and you can be with your family or be at other places when you need to. The best part of having a home based business for moms is that you can set your own hours, which means that you can work when your children are asleep, or you can work while they are at school or are busy. You can stop working when they need you, and you can spend your time doing what you want to be doing, being a mom.

Another reason that many times a home based business for moms is a good idea for you is that you can finally take charge of your life. This means that whatever you want to do, you can do it, and you don't have to worry about anyone dictating what you do again. This is simply the chance for you to be who you want to be, and to do what you want to do.

Things To Do

When you have decided that you want to do a home based business for moms you are going to need a great idea. Remember that like any other home based business, you have to find a home based business for moms that is either going to sell something, or that is going to provide a service for you. You want to be sure that this is something that you can do, so you need to find an idea for a home based business for moms that is really going to get you going. Remember the best home based business for moms ideas are going to be the ideas that sound really fun to you. The most happy people in the world are the people who have a chance to do things that they love to do, and that have a chance to focus on what they need to focus on in life. By having a home based business for moms you can do both of these things, and you'll find that you are much happier. It is the best of all of the possible worlds.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Performance Management

Do you want greater success? Expect more and execute better. Effectiveness is defined as the power or capacity to produce a desired result by American Heritage. Success is defined as the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted; achieving the results expected. There is a definite connection between effectiveness and success. Effectiveness and success are about power.

It is important to find a way to increase your personal power by becoming a bit more efficient and effective. Wouldn't achieving your top three goals be a great deal easier if you were more efficient and effective? Wouldn't it be possible to move your three biggest goals from December to June in 2007 if you were better organized? Systematize your success. Identify the critical steps required to complete your most productive and rewarding activities. Then, create a system to automatically give you results every time. Systematize those steps through technology, checklists, delegation or by enrolling additional team members—and you will achieve the results you expect—far more often.

Your secret is to create systems that utilize the best tools and technology—systems that bring out the best in you and everyone on your team. Performance improvement begins with a business coach. A business coach will give you the accountability that you need to set goals and move your life towards your definition of success. Being success means that you know you cannot do it alone and do not need to do it alone. Think about the following today and see why procrastination is costing you money and success: What would you do if you knew the Universe would back you up, completely? What would that be like? How would it change your life?

Now, bring some of that attitude into your life this week and call a business coach.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Value Stream Mapping And Six Sigma

Business processes are similar to a river flowing in a natural direction and carrying information from point A to point B. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is one of the techniques used in Lean Six Sigma for identifying areas of waste that need to be avoided in both manufacturing as well as office business processes. Aside from identifying areas of waste, VSM also helps in streamlining business processes for achieving higher productivity. VSM is based on scientifically proven methods, making it necessary for organization to employ profession Six Sigma consultants (VSM specialists) during the implementation stage.

The Initial Process

Implementing VSM is a long drawn process where the first step involves mapping the current flow of materials or information in key business processes of an organization. The mapping is done with the help of flowcharts that depict the flow of goods or information from one end to another. The flowchart also contains information about the average time taken for the completion of various sub processes. For generating a comprehensive flowchart, consultants often gather inputs from business heads, floor managers or factory workers. While creating the flowchart, key sub-processes are highlighted using specific icons. This helps in pinpointing areas where waste and inconsistencies are happening. The flowchart also helps in understanding the complexity of a business process, which needs to be simplified for increasing efficiency.

Future State Of Value Stream Mapping

In the next step, VSM consultants discuss each step depicted in the flowchart with the management for finding out ways that would streamline and optimize the whole business process. In Six Sigma terminology, this is referred to as Future State Value Stream Mapping (FSVSM). A number of methods can be used during FSVSM process but only those need be selected that help in streamlining processes without affecting the day-to-day operations of an organization. One such method is Cellular Manufacturing, which can be used during FSVSM. Although it is a simple concept, it requires adequate planning on part of the consultants as well as the management. Takt Time is another method that is used for evaluating 'lead-time' of manufactured goods or services rendered. This method is commonly used in organizations where the main objective is to deliver goods or services in time, for e.g. courier companies. Another method is known as Kanban, which forms a part of Just In Time (JIT) manufacturing system. It helps in maintaining low inventory levels and work in progress without affecting the quality or volume of manufactured goods.

Effectiveness In Automotive And Other Manufacturing Industries

VSM has proven to be very effective in organizations that make use of large and complex assembly line manufacturing processes. Automobile manufacturing companies are probably the best examples as far as the effectiveness of VSM is concerned. Top automobile companies such as Ford and Toyota have successfully implemented VSM in their business processes, which has in turn helped these companies in manufacturing high quality products while reducing costs at the same time.

Although concepts of VSM are applicable in all types of manufacturing organizations, companies other than automobile companies may find it a little difficult to implement VSM word for word. Some consultants also feel that benefits associated with VSM are sometimes over-hyped when it comes to implementing VSM in non-automotive companies. Personal opinions may vary but what is certain is that VSM does help in reducing waste if implemented properly.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Marketing Your Home Business in Just 30 Minutes a Week

It's all the rage. It's what everyone is talking about. It is unquestionably the most effective form of marketing available to home based business owners. It costs almost nothing, it takes about 30 minutes a week, and it makes your business stand out above the competition.

What is this thing that everyone is talking about? The buzz is about "article marketing" - the practice of providing royalty free content to websites, e-zines and newsletters.

It works like this: You write a simple article that is interesting to a particular group of people. It doesn't have to be The Great American Novel, just about 500 words on the topic of your choice. Then you submit your article all over the web to ezine publishers, newsletter editors and content-laden websites.

When they publish your article (and they almost always do) your target market reads your words, sees you as an expert (after all, you're a published author!) and they click on a link to your website that you conveniently provided at the end of the article. Viola! Instant, qualified traffic.

And it's not fleeting traffic. Your article remains out there for people to find for weeks, months, even years. As new people happen across your article, they click the link and visit your site. You have a perpetual traffic machine, driving tons of pre-qualified, open-to-an-offer, interested traffic to your site. This is better than advertising, and far less expensive.

The problem is the effort of submitting your articles to enough sites that you really make a splash. Most authors will submit their articles to 20-30 places before getting totally burned out on the submission process. It's tedious, dull, drudge work.

There are three online services that automatically submit articles for authors. Each of these services explain the intrinsic value of publishing your articles, and of course they each describe their services as best-in-class. They range from single submissions to unlimited submissions and from completely free to $299.85. Check them out and draw your own conclusions.

- - - - - - - - - -

Sends out articles in three categories: Internet marketing/online business Self-improvement/motivation Health and fitness. (They promise "Business-General" and "Finance/Investment" categories soon.)

Submits articles to an undefined number of ezine publishers and 15 or more article announcement lists with over 10,000 subscribers.

Special Feature: Offers an article management suite to retrieve, edit, or resubmit your article.

Cost: * Bronze membership, $37.00/month, you may submit one (1) article per month * Silver membership, $57.00/month, you may submit two (2) articles per month * Gold membership, $75.00/month, you may submit three (3) articles per month * Platinum membership, $90.00/month, you may submit four (4) articles per month

Submit 16 articles over four months for $360.00

- - - - - - - - - -

Accepts articles in nine categories: * Business and Marketing * Coaching and Personal Development * Health * Internet * Money Saving Tips * Home and Family * Pets * Writing Related * Christian

Submits articles to about 20,000 publishers and webmasters. Depending on how you categorize your article, it will be submitted to appropriate publishers.

Special Feature: No limit to the number of articles that can be submitted. (Is this really a "special feature"? They seem to think so. I guess it's better than's one article/month limitation)

Cost: * One article: $49.95 * Three articles: $119.85 + $39.95 per article thereafter.

Submit 16 articles for $639.20

- - - - - - - - - -

Accepts articles in 364 niche categories which (for the sake of space) I won't list here.

Submits articles to over 30,000 people. Depending on how you categorize your article, it will be submitted to appropriate publishers.

Special Feature: An "auto pilot" feature where an author can submit several articles at once and have them distributed on to a custom defined schedule. (That's one of my favorite features. I just set it up for the month and don't have to think about it again. The articles are consistently distributed.)

Cost: * Free Article Distribution: goes to over 3,000 people * Best Exposure: goes out to over 30,000 people: Quarterly Membership $39.95 for as many articles as you want to send out. Annual Membership $119.95 and the best value - $299.95 Lifetime Membership

Submit 16 articles for $39.95. At only $299.95 the Lifetime Membership (with its unlimited article submission) is the financial winner in this comparison.

All three of these services seem to do a fine job submitting articles. They appear to have automated the process and articles are distributed within a few days of submission. Of course, each offers the disclaimer that your article will only get published if it's interesting.

Of the three, I prefer Article Marketer (for obvious reasons) and I have absolute proof that it works: you are currently reading this article.

Now that's what I call effective marketing!

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Monday, May 07, 2007

The Mindset of Successful Doctors

This is something I get to observe each and every day as a consultant, and indeed as a treating doc. What separates the hugely successful from the rest in most areas of life? You probably have read similar stuff dozens of times. But if you are not "confidently advancing in the direction of your dreams", right now, take some time with these typical successful characteristics.

1.A Clear vision of what practice and private life ideally looks like.

2.The Physical capacity and energy to execute the vision through fitness, rest and nutrition. This alone is a priority. Those around you are energized as well, or they just can't keep up, and may pull you down.

3.Growing financial savings from managed expenses and wise investing.

4.The basic tasks are systematized, on autopilot; you simply inspect what you expect. Don't get me wrong, you must initially create and start these. This includes marketing, accounts receivables and payables, your front desk, savings plans, and whatever else you can simplify.

5.The systems that run your office and home are simple, straightforward and easy to adapt as the environment throws changes at you.

6.You make use of good coaches and your own support groups.

7.Your daily life and actions are true to your "highest self".

8.Regular inspection and adjustment of all these takes place; (we call it The Ultimate System).

Now, this is just a synopsis, but so essential, and so often missed by too many. But to really move forward in practice, and indeed life, we all need to work on these first.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Home Business Tips - Getting Prepared

A lot of people want to start a business from home and without even thinking about the prep work that's required to start a home business, they dive right in. Well, before you even think about how you're going to make your money, there are some things you better do first, otherwise you're going to find yourself looking around one day wondering what you did with that thing-a-ma-jig. This article will alert you to some of the "before you start" stuff that you should take care of.

The first thing you better do before starting a home business is actually set up a business. That means getting yourself either a social security or employer identification number. You're going to need to report taxes if you work in the United States and make an income of over $600, which hopefully you'll do. The last thing you want to do is run your business illegally.

The next thing you better do is get something to track your income and expenses. Again, you need to report all this at the end of the fiscal year. If heaven forbid you should get audited and don't have records of everything, you're going to regret the day you even heard of the IRS. Make sure you get something like Quicken or Quick Books. Keep all receipts and have proof of all expenses.

Another big mistake people make when starting a business is that they don't run it professionally. They get free email accounts that have horrible email delivery. This is the cause of many lost sales. So do yourself a favor. Get a professional email account. The last thing you want is to have your email lost in cyber space.

Another thing that you will want to get is a business phone or even a private cell number just for your business. The last thing you want is for people to be calling you up and having your 12 year old answer the phone. If you're living alone, it's not such a big deal. But if you share a home with others, you'll want to have a private line.

As to computers and other important pieces of date, most people think that this data is as indestructible as they are. Well, tell me that when you've had a hard drive crash and all your financial records are gone with the wind. So please, have several backups. You'll want a backup hard drive, a backup service if you can afford it and finally you'll want a safety deposit box to keep your important papers. If your house burns down, you'll want to be able to get back online as soon as possible.

Most people don't think of these things. They think that nothing bad is going to happen. I used to think that way when I first started marketing online. Trust me, it's a dangerous way to live.

Before you actually start running your business, make sure you're prepared.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Financial and Personal Advantages of Home Business Opportunities

You may be one of the many people looking for home business opportunities. There are several million people working at home today and a number of them are using their computers to make money. The Internet has opened up a new market to sell services and products worldwide.

You can be in charge of your future and have a successful business while working at home. There are moms who would like to stay at home with young children but still contribute to the family income. Even early retirees can find a new job to give them income and a new opportunity in life.

You may be someone who would like to work at home. You won't have to worry about an alarm clock, commuting drive, or an annoying boss.

Be Your Own Boss

One of the biggest advantages of home business opportunities is that you can be your own boss. You don't have to work specific hours every day and in many cases, the hours are only part-time. You can usually set your own schedule and work as little or as much as you desire.

There are different ways to make money on the Internet. You can work for yourself by selling services or unique products. You can set up your own website or advertise on other sites. You can also work for other people and leave the organization and management to someone else but still be an independent employee.

Many people have tried different schemes to make money on the Internet or to work at home. It is important to examine companies that promise great rewards when you sell for them. Some require hard selling and multi-level marketing where only those at the top of the chain win. These often do not work out as they are promoted. This is especially discouraging if a large investment has been made.

Home Business Opportunities

There are online sites that will give you ideas for work at home jobs. For a nominal fee, these sites will train you, set up your business, and support you as you work. There are a variety of home business opportunities to choose from. You can get paid to take surveys at home, make money from eBay, get paid to blog online, sell products, set up a travel business, or assist people with money brokering. With these methods, you can set the hours you want to work. Your income will depend on how much time you want to spend working.

There are advantages in going online to find a company to get you started in a home-based business opportunity. Usually there is no experience required, and the company will give you training. They have organized plans to help you get started in the right way. Some companies do all the set up so that you are immediately ready to do business.

Get Started on Your Own Business at Home

Your home business opportunity can be successful and fulfilling. Whether you want a part-time job or second income there are many opportunities to make money at home. By spending a few hours a week you can build your own business without a large investment.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Internet Home Base Business Opportunities - Work from Home - Be Successful in Spite of Obstacles

You must really make an effort to make money on the Internet. How are you doing it? This article will help you on the way how to and at the same time trigger your excitement to make money on the Internet despite all the obstacles that you will encounter on your path of success.

From the first day when I started an Internet home business opportunity a couple of moths ago, all that you read about were that the money is in the list and that has not changed. The way you build your list has changed, but you still need that list, if you want to be successful with your internet home business opportunity.

What is your reaction when you get a setback? Do you just give up, or do you find a solution to the problem?

The way you handle problems is one way of distinguishing features of those who become successful, and those who let circumstances get in the way. It's almost a given fact that at some point along the way, whatever you are trying to do, you will be confronted with that nasty obstacles. It is nowhere more apparent than in the business world. The internet home business opportunity - work from home arena is certainly no different.

Despite the many offers for turn key businesses, circumstances can change, things can go wrong, and ideas can fail which will lead to many unprofitable results.

As an example, I recently found an easy way to promote several programs. The system comes with auto responder messages; however, just this afternoon when I logged into the auto responder account, I discovered I could not upload any of the leads that I have purchased.

The only problem I was faced with was how to transfer and reconfigure these purchased leads to this new service.

I tried sending the leads as text messages. That seemed to work at first. Then I got a message that I could not send any more leads. The auto responder service though that it was still a free account, even though it was upgraded recently.

Then, my computer stopped registering the right click of the mouse. The though of was it one of those days. Fortunately, I knew that the simultaneous use of Control and 'C' will copy the data.

The point is, with time saving supplied business elements, things can still go wrong.

Instead of looking at the negative consequences of the problem you are facing at a given time, why not also look for the new opportunities that are available. Changing your perspective, lateral thinking, can transform the way you market your business.

To summarize this article you can make money with your Internet home business opportunity, if you are prepared to learn and work at it. Set your goals and follow them. Goal setting has given thousands of people all over the world a successful way to financial freedom.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Six Sigma In The Insurance Industry

Six Sigma concepts and philosophies were originally developed for improving the overall quality of business processes in the manufacturing sector. Companies like Motorola and GE were among the first few that successfully introduced Six Sigma concepts in their business processes. However, with the development of newer tools and techniques, Six Sigma is now deemed appropriate for the services sector as well. The usability of Six Sigma in the services sector is easily evident from the increasing number of finance and insurance companies that are opting for Six Sigma.

Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the quality of services being offered to them, making it essential for the services industry to implement quality improvement techniques like Six Sigma for conforming to customer expectations. This is especially true for the insurance industry where the relationship between the insurer and the insured is still largely governed by sustained personal contact. By implementing Six Sigma programs, insurance companies have been able to offer quality services at affordable rates to their customers.

Identifies Key Business Processes

Unlike other quality management practices such as Total Quality Management (TQM) whose effectiveness is difficult to measure, Six Sigma based improvement programs make use of statistical tools, which can measure the effect of changes being made in a very short time. Six Sigma focuses on process orientation, enabling organizations to identify key business processes that are necessary for improving customer satisfaction. This helps managers in understanding the exact requirements of their customers and in altering business processes to suit customer needs and expectation.

Follows A Disciplined Approach

Six Sigma has helped insurance companies in improving quality as well as reducing costs of services offered. It has enabled insurance companies to follow a disciplined approach, which has helped in preventing errors, minimizing hand-offs, and eliminating rework and workarounds. It has also helped in increasing the speed of business processes used in the insurance industry.

Helps In Making Informed Decisions

Six Sigma has enabled managers in taking informed decisions based on statistical data. With the use of Six Sigma tools and techniques, managers no longer have to rely on their perceptions or gut feelings for rendering the level of services promised to policyholders, clients, and prospects.

Helps In Building Customer Loyalty

Six Sigma emphasizes on understanding the needs of the customers before making any changes to business processes. This helps insurance companies in building customer loyalty among their policyholders, which is necessary for the long-term success of any business organization. Insurance companies can also hope to increase their market share, as satisfied customers are most likely to recommend a company that offers quality services while advising a friend, relative or business associate.
Helps In Reducing Costs

Six Sigma tools and techniques aim at streamlining business processes in such a way that helps in reducing costs. This helps insurance companies to improve their savings and avoid drastic cost-saving measures such as downsizing, which can have a negative effect on employee morale. It can also create doubts in the mind of policyholders and prospects as downsizing usually attracts a lot of negative publicity.

Six Sigma has helped the insurance industry in bridging the gap between planned strategies and actual operations by providing analytical and in-process performance measurement tools. These tools are used for comparing planned goals and objectives with actual outcomes and for finding the reasons as to why a particular business process is not giving the desired results. Once the exact problem has been pinpointed, managers can make the necessary changes that will help in improving overall quality of services rendered to policyholders and prospects.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Truck Driver Jobs Are Waiting, And So Is The Florida Sun!

The sunshine state of Florida attracts not only a bevy of tourists but it is also a great place to live and work. So much so, that there is one hotly contested job and that is the one of a truck driver. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that truck driver jobs in Florida are expected to increase some 20 to 35 percent by the end of 2008. This is in line with increases in other states, reflecting the enormous growth in the amount of freight that is carried by trucks. But just as the sun and easy lifestyle attracts holidaymakers, more and more drivers are relocating their families to take advantage of the great weather and lifestyle.

A professional company truck driver is going to have no problem in finding a suitable job in Florida, although he should expect some stiff competition. Cities like Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville are crying out for more drivers. The opportunities are excellent because truck driving has the greatest number of job openings each year. It doesn't matter whether the driver has even reached the professional status. Of course this will dictate the level of pay and benefits, but as far as employability goes, trainee drivers will also have no problem in finding a great job.

With the average trucker's salary starting at around $35,000 per year, this is regarded by anyone's standards as a very good entrance pay into an industry. The more experienced they are, with the more endorsements they have, the higher the salary goes. Within a couple of years, a truck driver working from his home base in say Orlando, either on the regional or national routes would expect to be earning in the vicinity of $50,000. This does not include such things as sign-on bonuses, medical and dental insurance, 401K and others. Many experienced drivers, especially those who work the specialized equipment such as wide-load hauling are able to negotiate pay and benefits around $70,000 to $100,000.

It needs to be remembered that the incredible networks of carriers, and their trucks and drivers are responsible for carrying nearly all the goods that are transported around America on their journey to the consumer via retail outlets. The ATA says that it is not just goods from producers to consumers, but everything that is either imported or made in this country. The tractor-trailers that are responsible for this movement, some 3.5 million of them, are driven by men and women who are united by the passion they have for their career. Not only this, it is the lifestyle of their choice, often challenging and downright difficult, and at times even dangerous, but never ever boring.

Husband and wife owner operator teams are also very much in demand in Florida. They have proven to be exceptionally reliable truck drivers for the very long-haul jobs which at times doesn't see them returning home for close to two weeks. In fact, the whole time that they are away, the truck only stops to refuel, for food and to reload or unload. With them taking turns in the driving seat they are able to get to their destination on time. Owner operators have the most to gain, and of course the most to lose. Many are based in Naples and Lakeland, ready to transport fresh produce right up the east coast to their supermarket shelves.

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