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Friday, May 25, 2007

Work at Home Jobs for Registered Nurses

There is a very high demand for Registered Nurses in today's world, and it can be an excellent choice for a career if you possess the necessary skills. Knowledge, the ability to carry serious responsibility and precision are some of the qualities needed for work at home jobs for registered nurses.

The explosion in Registered Nurse jobs has occurred due to the technological advances in medicine as well as insurance companies wishing to avoid hospitalization of their patients.

Opportunities for registered nurse's jobs are very high and in fact growing faster than many other professions. Registered nurse jobs, especially in home health care, are growing exponentially. More and more of the baby boomer generation are aging, and a lot of them are retiring from work. Along with advances in technology, large numbers of people are living longer than any other time in history. So, as age depletes their strength and their ability to take care of themselves, the demand for home health care is constantly rising for this generation of elderly citizens. More and more registered nurses are required to travel to the patient's home and provide the necessary care to the patients.

Registered nurses working in the patient's home are expected to carry out a variety of tasks. The services that are required from them are determined by the specific needs of the clients. As skilled care is required, it has to be coordinated with the attending doctors. The registered nurse has to provide constant care to the patients in their home: diagnostic testing, giving emotional support, medical advice, educating and advising on illnesses and their management to both patients and their families. Sometimes registered nurses are even responsible for providing grief counseling to the families of critically ill patients.

Patience and dedication are important qualities in a registered nurse's job. The registered nurse helps patients through illness, promotes good health and prevents diseases. You must also have good writing skills and pay good attention to details. These qualities will be required in handling psychology cases, when you will have to document the patient's behavior in detail, note down how the patient is responding to medication, and be able to follow the doctor's instructions meticulously, to ensure that the patient is receiving the correct treatment and care.

To become a Registered Nurse, you have to acquire a Bachelor's or Associates degree from a college or appropriate institution, and have passed the nursing boards. In order to obtain the degree for registered nurse, you will have to take classes in anatomy, chemistry, physiology, nutrition, and psychology. Most of the clinical schools will also ask for clinical experience.

Your education and experience will be the important considerations when you apply for registered nurse jobs. If the registered nurse job is in administration, a bachelor's degree may be required. If the job is in a complex area like intensive care or surgery, the organization may want considerable clinical experience. Some registered nurse jobs like certified nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse anesthetist might even require a master's degree.

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