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Monday, May 21, 2007

Bringing Business and Morality Together

Being successful in business in usually based on the general
idea that desire for making profits and self-interest are
good and moral, however there still should be right ways and
wrong ways to go about making a profit. Morals still should
come into play no matter what, just because you are running
a business it doesn't give you the right to lie, cheat and
do what you consider to be morally wrong order to make a
living. This isn't what the successful businessman is all
about, although there are and have been many business men
that have got to the top solely by making the mis-telling of
truth an art form and where morals seem to have gone totally
out of the window for the sake of success?

In today's business world it can be hard to remain true to
your morals when there are advertising campaigns to figure
out. After all if you have a product or service to sell
shouldn't it be good enough to sell by telling the truth and
not having to fabricate claims of what it can and cannot do.
However, in today's world it can be just as hard to find a
businessman with morals as it can be to find a politician
with them.

However, there are businessmen who will show a willingness to
add ethical principles to the decision making structure of
their business. When starting out in business it is important
not to lose sight of your values and morals, some people value
honesty and values above all else and will stick with them
full stop no matter what while other have high ethics only to
a certain degree then they fall by the wayside.

Some people regard ethics and morals as being the same thing,
however they are not they are different and the difference is
that a persons ethics determine what they see as right or wrong
while morals are judgements, standards and rules of good conduct
which guide people towards specific actions.

Morals vs. Ethics

Knowing the difference between the two can help business managers
as ethics programs are part of life in business and managers can
hold sessions to discuss their values, ethics and morals for the
company. A business code of ethics should be in place in every
business and this will protect individuals and address moral
issues and value of the business during decision-making processes.

However having a corporate code of ethics program in place isn't
just an instruction manual put there to solve problems within the
company. The whole idea behind the program is it will enable those
who work there to have the valuable tool of saying "That is against
our company's policy" or "It would violate the company's code of

This is a strategy that will enforce the company and bring values
closer, it also makes it a much better working environment and can
increase the commitment of those working in the company simply due
to the fact that many people still do take pride and have a strong
sense of moral.

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