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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Petroleum Spill Remedial Action Report - 6 Key Points

The Petroleum Spill Remedial Action Report is filed with the appropriate government agency following clean up of the spill site.

The following example illustrates the six components of such a report.


In this example, subsurface petroleum contamination was found beneath a parking lot. Research determined that a storage tank system existed as part of a vehicle service station, some 25 years prior. Geoprobing revealed stained soil with petroleum odors. Based on this, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) was notified and a spill case number was assigned.Investigation Spill site excavation specialists with oversight by Great Lakes Environmental and Safety Consultants (GLESC) were employed. Geoprobing recovered soil samples to a depth of 16 feet. The soil samples were then examined, processed and transported for laboratory analysis in accordance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols. The NYSDEC was notified of the laboratory results showing elevated levels of petroleum compounds in the soil. At this point remedial activities to remove the contaminated soil began.Remedial Action With oversight by Environmental and Safety Consultants, excavation and removal of the contaminated soil began. Hazards were minimized during the removal and transport of the petroleum contaminated material. At this site, petroleum contamination was detectable to 15 feet in depth, with non-contaminated groundwater encountered at 16 feet. Following removal of the material contaminated by the petroleum spill, confirmatory samples were collected from the walls and bottom and sent for laboratory analysis. With NYSDEC approval, the site was backfilled with clean soil and gravel.Sampling Activities and Analytical Results Reference citations, specific testing results and summaries were attached to the Remedial Action ReportWaste Generation and Disposal The specific documentation of procedures, weights, methods and locations were included and attached.Conclusion Petroleum impacted soil was successfully removed. This Petroleum Spill Remedial Action Report was submitted to the NYSDEC with the request that the case on the specified spill site be closed.Additional details of this report can be viewed by clicking on Petroleum Spill Remedial Action Report

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