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Friday, May 09, 2008

Pandit to reveal turnaround strategy for Citigroup

New York: Vikram Pandit, main of the troubled Citigroup, is put to uncover his resurgence scheme to investors and he is expected to emphasise on the concern model.

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In Pandit's view, Citi should concentrate on four chief lines of concern - recognition cards, wealthiness management, the corporate bank, and investing banking - and sell off "non-core" operations, Luck magazine reported Thursday. Citi's North American commercial loaning and leasing concern is among the most recent divestments by the company.

India-born Pandit also believes that Citi, a gigantic operation spreading over 100 countries, should be run as a matrixed arrangement - a direction word form in which many executive directors may have got to describe to two seniors, state the caput of a geographical part and the caput of recognition cards. That tin and makes Pb to confusion and bitterness, but Pandit believes that to be the best option.

Pandit and his crew will also Friday state the stockholders the many direction alterations that have got been made - including new executive directors brought in - and high spot Citi's cost-cutting attempts. They will also offer updates on how Citi's hazards are being contained and monitored.

Still, Luck concludes, more than than difficult talking about advancement made, all Pandit can offer are promises. It cites Citigroup's head administrative officer, Don Callahan, who predicted Pandit's statement will travel like this: "Here's what I've studied, here is what I've come up to know, and here is where I believe this arrangement can travel in moving forward."

Citi showed a first one-fourth loss of $5.1 billion and $14 billion of pretax writedowns, mainly for subprime mortgages and leveraged lending. Needing capital, it raised roughly $30 billion last winter, and added more than than $10 billion in notes, preferable stock and common stock.

Strangely, Citi did not take the obvious capital-conserving measure of eliminating its dividend, which have helped the terms of Citi stock. At $24, it is up from $18 a few hebdomads ago - yet less than one-half Citi's stock terms a twelvemonth ago.

Pandit have got a batch of convincing to make on Investor Day that he can turn around the giant company without breakage it up as some have suggested.

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