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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Surgient Upgrades Virtualized Test Lab Management Tool - InformationWeek

Surgient, the innovator of capturing snapshots of production systems and presenting them to software system developers as the environment in which to prove thrust their up-to-the-minute creations, is bringing out release 5.4 of Surgient Lab Management Platform.

Virtualization leader VMware have its similar Lab Manager, launched in November 2006, and another startup, VMLogix, have offered its since July 2007. But Surgient was first in the field, having been founded in 2003 to prosecute creating substructure snapshots as the ideal diagnostic test laboratory for new software. By testing prospective applications in their hereafter production environments, developers larn more than about their dependences and public presentation in what will be their real-world setting.

Release 5.4 of Lab Management Platform assists alleviate IT trading operations staff from generating replications of production software system by taking snapshots of production waiter configurations. Those practical machine mental images are managed off a cardinal waiter and Federal to examiners and developers as needful in the software system development process, Surgient chief executive officer Tim George Lucas said in a prepared statement on the release.

Release 5.4 supports VMware's up-to-the-minute version of its hypervisor, ESX Waiter 3.5. Surgient have also announced support for when it goes available as portion of Windows Waiter 2008 in August. It have programs to back up Citrix XenServer -- the commercial hypervisor based on unfastened beginning Xen -- but have not announced a day of the month when it will be available. Surgient means to provide a virtualized software system laboratory with heterogenous hypervisor support, said Lucas.

In addition, release 5.4 includes a Web services API. Software examiners can utilize soap messaging to pass on between Lab Management Platform and application life-cycle direction tools, such as as alteration control systems.

Release 5.4 also includes an updated add-in for horsepower Choice Center, a diagnostic test direction tool to let exchanges between the platform and the Quality Center.

Release 5.4 adds support for VMware's VMFS, its data file formatting for practical machine shared storage based on distributed storage country networks.

Store practical machine mental images may be moved from one location to another with 5.4's enhanced library direction feature.

Lab Management Platform 5.4 is priced at $15,000 and is now available.

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