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Friday, June 01, 2007

Time Management & The Home-Based Business - Daily Habits Every Effective Leader Should Know

I had worked for someone else as an employee for my entire former career. I would wake up early in the morning, drive to work, put in 8, 9 or more hours, with an hour for lunch in the middle, and then come home. My day was scheduled out for me. I did this each day by habit. I was accountable to my boss, who expected me to be there at a certain time and perform my assigned duties. Not so for the home business entrepreneur.

You started a home-based business to be personally and financially successful. Perhaps, like me, you were looking for some time freedom, desiring more time for yourself and family. As a home business entrepreneur, you are the boss. You don't answer to anyone but yourself (or maybe your spouse!) You are responsible for your own results. If you work your business, you will reap the rewards; if you don't... you know the saying.

So, do you just wake up in the morning, go to your home office and start prospecting or marketing from sunup to sundown? Absolutely NOT! It is important for you to establish daily habits that allow you to work your business effectively and also enjoy the freedom that you were looking for.

The main activities that effective leaders do each day can be grouped into a few categories. Create a schedule for yourself incorporating each of these activities for you will follow each day.

Income Producing Activities: Consider the hours you will actually do the income producing activity of your business. This may include making phone calls to prospects, marketing, placing ads, etc. Morning? Afternoon? Or a couple of hours during both. Decide how many hours you will spend each day of the week and stick to your plan. This will prevent you from overworking yourself.

Networking with other Leaders: This would be the time to connect with other leaders in your business. This might be a quick phone call to an associate in your organization or a company conference call.

Personal Development and Training: Spend some time working on yourself and developing your mind. A successful attitude breeds success. Read a book. Listen to an empowering audio. Keep a journal and make an entry. Even spending 15 minutes a day at this will make a huge difference in the results you experience.

Visualize and Focus on your Goals: Set aside some time to focus on your daily activity goals. This will help you understand your tasks for the day. Also visualize your short and long term goals. Imagine the feelings you will experience upon accomplishing your goals. This can be done in 30 minutes or less. You can do this in the shower! These can be your business goals as well as personal goals and results you are going to produce. Defining your goals and knowing where you are going will propel you towards them!

Have Fun: This one is most often overlooked because people don't think this is part of their business. But it is! You started a home-based business to have time freedom to enjoy your life more. Well enjoy! Do the things you have wanted to do but couldn't when constrained by the hours of a traditional job. Pursue your interests. Forward your calls to your cell phone and get out of your house. Go to a Movie. Play Golf. Do some volunteer work in your community. Start living the life you desired! Not only will it make you feel good, it will make you more attractive to your business prospects when they call you and you are at the tennis courts!

As a home business entrepreneur, managing your time and establishing balance between work time and personal time is important. Unlike the regularity of a conventional job, the home business entrepreneur must manage his own time. Overwork can lead to resentment. Prevent "burn out" by creating a schedule of the main activities that effective leaders do each day. Make these your daily habits. Doing so will allow you to work your business effectively, have a greater sense of accomplishment, and enjoy the time freedom that you a home business can provide.

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