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Monday, July 02, 2007

Interview Skills - Five Top Tips To Help You Succeed At Assessment Centers

Whatever your interview skills, memorable interview experiences are set deep within the annals of hearsay and urban myth. There are probably more horror stories about interview experiences discussed around the tables of workplaces than any other (with perhaps the exception of an unpleasant performance appraisal, by an unforgettably horrible manager!).

Yet it's not difficult at all to hone up your interview skills so that you can be up for action and successful too, ready for being the candidate with the mostest - the winner!

So, what would a great set of interview skills be then? Where do you have to pout your effort if you want to be selected as the candidate of choice?

Here are five simple steps to get you more than through - to get you to the top of the tree in your assessment center without fail!

1) Plan Ahead

One of the best and easiest interview skills to develop is to make sure that you have all the information possible about the organization, the process of the selection center and maybe even the people that will be involved. You cannot overprepare in this. And then again don't drive yourself crazy with concerns about remembering every detail.

2) Self-Confidence

This is much easier to suggest that do, everyone will say, yet you can be confident that you have done enough and you will be fine with what you retain! No-one expects perfection and if you have taken the time to do some research and preparation about the day, you will, without question, already be in the top 10%. Amazing? Yes - and true!

3) Recognize Success

You will already have had experiences in your life - both work and home - that will help you demonstrate your capability. It takes a little time, focus and belief that you are already as good as you are! In fact this is one of the easiest interview skills to develop. It's all about perspective of you against the world! You have been great in your role so far - believe it!

4) Know Yourself Well!

Thinking about experiences that you can share when asked, as you will be, "Tell me a time when you..." can be a challenging activity. But, here's a secret - it's as easy as it sounds. All they are looking for is examples of what you personally achieved, so you can easily prepare that. Even in the last month there will be some examples - get those clear first, based on the list of competencies they gave you. Fine tune with bigger ones further in the past once you have a few down.

5) Understand Them

If they have anything about themselves, your interviewers will be looking for the
best candidate - it stands to reason, doesn't it. so they want you to succeed! When they ask you about yourself, you will, if you have prepared even a little, be tuned in to their questions from the word go. By helping then in their quest, you will be a good candidate and make their lives easy!

Five little interview skills you can start working on right away. The only thing that is getting in the way of this is yourself. So maybe it's time to get out of your own way and get on, getting ahead. Your next interview might be just around the next corner - who knows?

Good luck!

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