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Monday, April 02, 2007

Job Interviews - They Are On Your Side

When attending for a job interview, it is tempting to think that the interviewer is there just to try and catch you out. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Basically, an interviewer will need to assess your interpersonal abilities and common sense to forecast your success in getting through the training and working with team members. If you're applying for a job with hard skills such as programming computer code, you may be given more pointed questions about your past work, etc.

In addition, you'll be expected to strongly desire the company's purpose, mission, and overall feel. Interviewers want to see passion because it leads to long-term security in a job. If you love the company, you'll feel more comfortable working there.

Moreover, interviewers often try to find the person that's self-disciplined and driven. If a person's motivated from the inside, the person is more likely to be reliable, efficient, and energetic. This person, ideally, likes to be challenged.

Use original stories to back up claims. Instead of just saying, "I have strong leadership traits," provide some concrete examples and originality. College students frequently make bold claims without stories that support them well enough.

Furthermore, answer the question concisely. Interviewers commonly fall into the trap of listening to answers that spill over into tangents and long-winded explanations. Be concise in your answers so as not to add stress to an interviewer's day. Try not to go off on tangents.

In addition, be honest. If you're lacking an important skill, show that you're more than willing to learn the necessary skills to do the job well.

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