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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Are There Any Legitimate Work At Home Envelope Stuffing Jobs?

Have you come across any legitimate stay at home jobs, you might be searching for the
best online job that can give you the freedom you are looking for, but be careful, because
you are in a weak situation where you can fall for any scam that promise you get rich quick.

Although there are some legitimate work at home envelope stuffing jobs, most of the time is not worth your effort. Most companies don't need envelope stuffing staff from home, because they can do it very cheaply with in house staff and if they pay you anything to do envelope stuffing, will be an amount very insignificant.

The sites selling work at home envelope stuffing jobs, will ask you to pay certain amount before you qualify for the job, for processing fees and for a starter kit, that its suppose to help you or train you. I believe you should not get involve in this kind of stay at home jobs, there are many other legitimate stay at home jobs where you don't have to risk your money.

You must be aware, that the business on this work at home envelope stuffing jobs, is not in actually doing the envelope stuffing, but in selling the starter kit to other people like you. When you get you starter kit, you will see that they tell you how to promote with ads their starter kit to other people so you can get paid a commission for selling it.

This kind of actions are not ethical at all and you will be very disappointed once you find out how the business of this people really work. So my advice is to stay away from this false companies that advertise legitimate work at home envelope stuffing jobs.

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