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Monday, April 30, 2007

How To Put Together A Covering Letter For Banking And Financial Jobs

You're searching for a credit control job or you're looking for a top business banking job. Whatever the role, here are ten rules for writing a successful finance covering letter:

CV length and data

  • keep your letter short, ideally to one side of A4 paper. You can say a lot in one page using short, powerful sentences

  • make sure that you give full, correct contact details

  • put the date you intend to post or email it

  • always state reference number and job title at the start of your covering letter. It helps the recruiters and sends out a signal that you possess attention to detail.

CV structure

  • your first paragraph should introduce you stating:

    • where you saw the job advert

    • the job title you're interested in and

    • that you are attaching a CV

  • your second paragraph needs to grab the recruiter's attention to read your CV

Focus here on how your skills and knowledge best suit the job role. Bullet points are good for showing key information

  • end the letter positively including asking for an interview to talk about what you can offer the company and

  • don't give your current salary details unless this is requested.

Visual style

  • present the letter in the same way as your CV. This looks professional and ultimately helps to sell you.

Do this by using the same type face and size for both documents.


  • clip the letter and CV together before posting and

  • don't forget to keep a copy of your cover letter to refer back to, when preparing for the interview.

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