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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Internet Business Marketing Tip - 10 Secrets To Explosive Sales!

Contacting Ezine publishers is the sure-fire Internet business marketing tip for explosive list building and unlimited Internet and affiliate sales. This method can be very profitable to say the least by using articles with a link back to your business in your article bio.

It's very important... when contacting ezine publishers that you
act in a professional manner when submitting your Bum Marketing
articles to them for their review. Using these techniques you can
explode your sales.

Trust me when I tell ya... No ezine publisher with half a brain will
want to use your Bum Marketing article in their publication if you
don't follow a few simple yet extremely important guidelines.

Remember -- They've worked long and hard - years perhaps - on
building credibility with their loyal list of subscribers and they
won't take any chances on messing things up!

You should (at the least) respect them for that.

So again, remember these few guidelines using these Internet business marketing tips when contacting them:

1. Be Professional.

2. Make the process of including your bum marketing article in
their ezine as simple as possible.

3. Make sure your Bum Marketing article stands "head and shoulders"
above any competition by providing "top notch" information.

4. Format your article and the email itself in a professional manner.

5. Before sending your email to the publisher with your request for
inclusion of your article, be sure you've read several back issues
of their publication so you can become familiar with the ezine
(look through the archives on their website and subscribe to the
publication as well).

6. Don't hesitate to tell the publisher how much you've enjoyed
their ezine and offer one or two specific examples if possible (a
little sucking up can go a long way as long as you don't overdo it.

7. Include all the information the publisher will need about you
and your article in an easy to understand format. Don't tell them
you are a Bum Marketer! There is no need to...

8. Be sure to fully explain any "Affiliate Promotions" that they
can earn commissions from and offer to sign them up for your
affiliate program at their request.

9. Be sure to explain the affiliate structure and don't be afraid
to offer a publisher more commissions than you would normally offer
other "standard affiliates" for the same sale.

10. Most importantly, be sure to include the Bum Marketing article
in the body of the email. NEVER send your Bum Marketing article as
an attachment! With the risk of viruses and alike being sent out
by the millions daily, everyone is now becoming more and more
hesitant about opening up attachments in their email. I know I am!

If you have never used the Bum Marketing method be sure to take a little time and research these techniques that Internet business owners are now using to generate massive sales by getting into the top 10 Google Search results by writing "long tail keyword" articles and submitting them to article directories like Ezinearticles.

Ezinearticles is the #1 resource to grab vital targeted traffic to your websites products and services online today with articles like this that you are now reading. This is another Internet business marketing tip that most successful webmasters use to sell their products and services online.

With these Internet business marketing tips you will have a major advantage over other marketers when it comes to selling your products and services. This is one of the most successful methods for driving targeted traffic to your websites products and services.

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